She’s Pretty: Tamara Ecclestone

You know when you hear about those folks who buy up insanely gigantic mansions and you’re like, huh? Who would need three movie theaters, two pools, and eight tennis courts?

Hey, there. Back off, food stamps! Some people need a little quiet space. Like the Queen of England, and cocaine dealers, and mafia bosses need that room to hide their bars of gold and their diamond studs and shit.

And like our good friend Ms. Ecclestone, totally unrelated to the British monarchy or shady peeps w/ too big houses, maybe she needs some swank new digs, right? Just to accommodate her extra-special awesomesauce.

This girl gets up to some mighty important stuff, after all. Ecclestone, the presenter of Sky Sports Italia’s coverage of the 2009 Formula 1 season, has also starred in her own reality TV show in 2011, Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl, and also she is highly talented in the being pretty department. Girl’s like the CEO of hot.

Ecclestone’s so beautiful, in fact, that she needs a really gigantic house to fit all her pretty lady things. Lady’s already has a wee nine-bedroom pad going on in Bel Air, but she’s all looking for an upgrade now, because nine bedrooms ain’t cutting it. So where’s Tamara Ecclestone looking to buy? Tamara Ecclestone is said to have set her sights on Walt Disney’s former estate, listed at, oh, a mere 99 mil.

Hey, hot property hangs w/ hot property. Law of nature.

But wait there’s more

What else is she gonna do? Speaking of hot property, our sexy lady friend is gonna do what beautiful girls have been doing since 1953. Tamara Ecclestone’s gonna get sexy for Playboy.

That’s right. Keep your eyes peeled. She gonna be nekkid, aka naked here in May 2013.

In the meantime, we won’t leave you empty-handed today. Er. Don’t think about what we just said.

Look — a gallery of sexy pics!

Stay tuned for more.