Quinn Cornchip Keeps You Salivating

TSJ talked to sexytimes hot broad Quinn Cornchip. She’s as addictive as her name, and witty to boot. You’re gonna like this Texas girl.

The Smoking Jacket: How did you get started in modeling?

Quinn Cornchip: I kind of got into modeling as a way of pushing my own limits and exploring my body and sexuality. I had other friends who were modeling and doing a lot of nude work — it was so nonchalant to them and I wanted that comfort and confidence. It was really a way to stop censoring myself and get myself out of my shell.

TSJ: Did it come naturally to you?

Quinn Cornchip: In some ways. When I first started I’d pretend I was a John Waters character and just be really weird and gangly. It would either be really good or really bad! Some of my favorites between Mr. Glass and myself are during that time, but I definitely needed some polishing. I’m still learning, trying to keep little pieces of advice from everyone I’ve worked with but not let it overpower my natural movement.

TSJ: What do you think is sexy about these pictures?

Quinn Cornchip: I think nudity not being the main focus makes these photos sexy. Obviously the nudity plays a part in it, but I hope there being a personality and presence in the photos makes a huge difference; having something subtle in the facial expressions or body language that is inviting and sensual. I think it also helps that my boyfriend shoots most of my photos. It makes the whole “Hey, baby” aspect a lot easier.

TSJ: Does it take a while for you to be able to trust your photographer?

Quinn Cornchip: If they have confidence in their ideas and are prepared they have my full trust from the get-go. I think that goes both ways though. I talk A LOT and I’m real nosy, so if there is any initial hesitation from either myself or the photographer we usually get past it pretty fast through conversation.

“I think it also helps that my boyfriend shoots most of my photos. It makes the whole ‘Hey, baby’ aspect a lot easier.”

TSJ: What else are you doing with your time these days?

Quinn Cornchip: Most of my time goes into styling and artistic direction for HeelsandCandy and editorial work and interviewing folks for PUREFILTH Magazine. Both are Mr. Glass and I’s babies and I’m having a lot of fun being behind the scenes and having an excuse to pry into other model and photographer’s brains.

Other than that stuff I spend a lot of time with my corgis, playing online poker and Google searching weird things when stoned. I’m a little afraid of what a stranger might think if they saw my search history.

TSJ: What’s been your fave modeling experience?

Quinn Cornchip: Honestly, it’s super ridiculous, but my favorite experience was wearing a bubble-gum pink strap-on during a shoot with Billy Jarrell (La Femme Fetish). I don’t even know if any of those photos came out, but we had a lot of fun. A more serious favorite experience was shooting with Mr. Glass at Dallas Contemporary. We helped artist FAILURE with some of his wheat pasting for an exhibition there and shot in front of the finished walls after. It was really cool to be a part of such a huge graffiti project and see how it all works. We got to stay after hours and wander around the place alone to shoot, it was insanely awesome.

How has your Tumblr account changed your modeling, if at all?

Quinn Cornchip: Tumblr is a tricky site. It’s a great place to find inspiration and new like-minded people to befriend, but it can also put a big block on creativity. There are times when I immerse myself in Tumblrland and I always check friends’ blogs but there are other times I have to take a week or two break from it and refresh my own ideas. I try not to let it change my style, but it can sneak in sometimes.

TSJ: If you could live in any city in the world, what city would it be?

Quinn Cornchip: Dublin for sure. Ireland feels like home.

TSJ: What movies/tunes/books are you digging? 

Quinn Cornchip: I have fallen in love with the Game of Thrones and Song of Ice and Fire series, it took over my life for a little while. I’m on the fourth or fifth book and I’m a little afraid to finish because the new one doesn’t come out for two-five years. AHHH!

I’ve also been really into stand up comedy lately, my Netflix has been helping with that. It’s a pusher. I haven’t been to the movies in a while, but I really want to see 7 Psychopaths. So many of my favorite weird people doing so many weird things for a dog. I can get into that.

Check Quinn out on FBTumblr, and on her website, QuinnCornchip.Wordpress.com.


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