She’s Pretty: Nicole Vaunt Flaunts What She’s Got

Nicole Vaunt is the real deal. She is all over, straight up, totally fucking beautiful. Vaunt, a fashion, nude, and glamour model based on the East Coast has also done some acting work with Show Time and Playboy TV. We know that would watch this girl do anything. Act. Skip. Model underpants. Eat a grapefruit. Floss her teeth. Whatever. 

TSJ talked to the Tumblr champ about what it takes to make sexy pics. 

You’re welcome.

The Smoking Jacket: Was it exciting to throw out your pics on the Internet at first? Had you done modeling before?

Nicole Vaunt: I’ve been comfortable with my body and my sexuality for a long time, but I’d never modeled before — unless you count friends, or my first boyfriend taking inappropriate photos of me in his basement. Ha. Some of my first real shoots did go up on the Internet almost immediately, since I had just joined It was both exciting and underwhelming to have my nudity online…

TSJ: How’d you start out?

NV: The same way so many models start: by dating a photographer! I had just graduated college and had nothing lined up when we met but we had great chemistry, he took great photos of me, and they got a great response online so I thought: Hey, maybe I could do this full-time! I had done a few shoots before then so I wasn’t totally inexperienced, and the road trips I went on soon after cemented my interest and desire to continue.

TSJ: Seems like you have a lot of back and forth with fans — do people write to you every day?

NV: People do write me every day via email, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, and I try my best to respond as quickly and honestly as possible. I love the interaction and answering questions! I also try to have a sense of humor with negative or gross comments — it’s fun for me and for my other fans who are nothing but supportive.

TSJ: What’s your fave fan comment?

NV: I think the best comment I’ve every gotten was from’s small write-up about me: “We look at fashion and glamour models all the time, but every now and then, one comes along with the right combination of elegance, sass, and plain ole beauty that makes us say, ‘You. You are the shard that will make our dark crystal whole and pure again.’ Nicole Vaunt is that kind of model.” Extremely flattering and makes me laugh every time!

TSJ: You do a lot of different types of modeling — any prefs?

NV: I love working for jewelry companies and designers as well as shoots that toe the line between fashion, fetish & erotica. I want to excite the viewer mentally and physically; to provoke a reaction with beauty or blatant-ness.

TSJ: What’s your fave thing you ever wore for a shoot?

NV: Agent Provocateur bra (I have a large, expensive lingerie collection; I just can’t help myself!) with no panties and the highest heels possible. There’s something incredibly sexy about the combo and it’s one of my biggest turn-ons.

TSJ: Why do you love the bush?

NV: Hair is sexy — bushes for women and beards for men! I think it shows maturity and it also seems more “real” to me than being bare. I’m not really into armpit or leg hair as much, but I think it has its place. It’s also much dirtier in an erotic sense because it is still surprising to see.

“We look at fashion and glamour models all the time, but every now and then, one comes along with the right combination of elegance, sass, and plain ole beauty that makes us say, You. You are the shard that will make our dark crystal whole and pure again. Nicole Vaunt is that kind of model.” -

TSJ: What inspires you re: modeling — seems like some of your pics have a vintage-y feel?

NV: I wouldn’t go so far as to say that my work is vintage-y, but I do think I have a classic look that lends itself to classic or timeless imagery. Categories like retro, vintage, pin-up etc. don’t feel accurate because I love the modern day and think of myself as a modern girl. I don’t long for the past or wish I was part of it.

I’m inspired most by gorgeous, innovative clothes and other model friends. (Echo Nittolito, Nettie Harris, Sam Mae, and Hattie Watson are just a few of those producing amazing work.) Modeling isn’t my most creative outlet though; I’m there for the photographer’s vision, not my own. While I do like collaborating, I think I’m best with taking an idea and then running with it to make the best possible photo.

TSJ: What’s your fave candy?

NV: You mean what’s my favorite thing to try not to eat? Ha. I love sour skittles and sour starbursts… they may burn the roof of your mouth if you eat a whole package at once (which I’ve done, sadly) but they burn so good. I also love milk duds; chocolate and caramel are the most perfect match made in confectioner’s heaven!

TSJ: Fave season?

NV: Late summer fading into fall. Still hot enough to enjoy the pool but the sky is a true endless blue.

TSJ: If you didn’t have to work, what would you spend all day doing?

NV: Reading on a boat after scuba diving, soaking up the sun’s rays in-between drinking and fucking. Or curled up in the front of the fire after skiing doing the same! I’d always have to be doing something though; I can’t be idle or bored. Boredom and staying still are the leading causes of death!

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