She’s Pretty: Joy Glass Stops by, Says “Hi,” Wears Lingerie

The Smoking Jacket took a few minutes out of our busy schedule to hang out with Playboy beaut, Joy Glass, who told us some saucy stories about smooching Spanish matadors, getting around the world, and filming “Glass House.”

Read on, McDuff!

Joy Glass Stops by TSJ, Says "Hi", Wears Lingerie


The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from?

Joy Glass: I was born in Madrid, Spain. My grandfather was a matador. I remember the first time he took me too a bull fight in Valencia when I was 7. I was wearing wearing a pink and white polka dot flamenco dress. My grandfather put me on his shoulders and took me to meet one of the matadors. In Spain it is customary to greet the people you meet with a kiss on the cheek. I was being shy and my grandfather told me to give the matador a kiss. I leaned forward and planted one right on his lips! My grandfather still teases me about it.

TSJ: Are you a big traveler? What kinds of places you have visited? Any faves?

JG: My father was in the American Air Force and my family traveled all over the world. I have lived in Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and all over the USA.

I spent this summer living on a sound stage in LA on the ABC reality show “The Glass House.” It was a fun and challenging experience. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and learn a lot about myself in the process.

TSJ: How did you start modeling?

JG: My first modeling job was as Playboy’s July 2007 Employee of the month. When it was published my interview was put on the same page as a photo of Mae West. It is probably my favorite pictorial for that reason. I LOVE Mae West. It was such an honor to grace the pages of Playboy and share a page with such an American Icon.

TSJ: What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

JG: I recently discovered how much I love latex! It is so fun to wear and I feel like an instant vixen when I put it on. I enjoy the lighter side of fetish and would love to do some light bondage shoots a-la Bettie Paige. I love the cheesecake cheeky pin up look. It’s fun, sexy, and empowering.

TSJ: What else do you get up to, apart from modeling?

JG: I am a nurse. It is a really rewarding career and has taught me a lot about life. My patients teach me something new everyday. I love the outdoors, biking, camping, hiking. The fresh air really does something for me. I love to travel. I want to explore the world.

TSJ: How do you like to flirt?

JG: I think eye contact and a smile say it all. I think confidence is sexy and there is nothing more inviting than a genuine smile.

TSJ: What kind of modeling would you like to do in the future?

JG: I would love to test for playmate. That would be a dream come true.

See more of Joy Glass HERE.

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