She’s Pretty: Jessa Hinton Likes Juelles Chester’s Boobs (and Juelles Likes Jessa’s)!

Our photographer buddy, Cameron Habashian, founder of DCProModeling, always has some lovely ladies to show us. Today TSJ talks to one of his most foxy models, D.C. girl, Juelles Chester.

The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from?

Juelles Chester: I’m from Washington, DC.

TSJ: Is modeling taking you all over the world? Any places you’ve checked out you especially liked? 

JC: In the last year I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, Aruba, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Great Britain, as well as all over the United States! I’ve been gone for about two-thirds of the year. I’m about seven countries away from having been to every single European country. One of my favorite places to visit this year was Krakow, Poland — the city is full of cool young people, and the parties are amazing.

TSJ: How did you start modeling?

JC: I dated a Brazilian photographer and he shot a couple of pictures of me when we first started dating — they turned out nice!  I put the pictures up online and things have been snowballing ever since. I’ve been modeling for five years.

TSJ: That’s a decent stretch of time! What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

JC: The most prestigious brand I ever worked for was Bentley China but my favorite shoots are working with my friends. We like getting creative and I like making behind-the-scenes videos of what we got up to.

TSJ: What else do you get up to, apart from modeling?

JC: I like to swim, surf and eat pizza.

TSJ: How do you like to flirt?
I’m subtle and let the boys do the talking. Or I’ll stare at someone from across the room until the notice me and hope they come over.

TSJ: What’s your favorite night out?
I prefer a night in, chilling out and taking it easy. When I go out I drink a cocktail or seven and dance like a rockstar with my friends.

TSJ: Any interesting Playboy story?
I meet Jessa Hinton (PlayboyPlaymate) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and she said she liked my boobs (I liked hers, too)! My dad is also a collector of vintage Playboys — from 1950s-1960s.

TSJ: What kind of modeling would you like to do in the future?
I’d like to shoot for Playboy!

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