She’s Pretty: Iris Walker Is Ready to Take Your Order

We had us a little chin-wag with one very lovely California girl…

The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from?

Iris Walker: Los Angeles, California.

TSJ: Places you have visited in the past year and how was your experience?

IW: Over the summer I was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I loved it! Nothing sounds better than tan skin, beautiful beaches and an ice-cold strawberry margarita in my hand.

TSJ: How did you start modeling?

IW: I started modeling at the age of 18, but was inspired to try ever since I could walk. I was always in front of the camera being a little model diva. I feel like I was made for the camera. One day I met a photographer who said he would like to shoot me and from there it was history!

TSJ: What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

IW: My favorite shoot was with Cameron with Dcprostudio, this was the best because it was something out of what I was use to shooting. It was sexy yet classy and fun. I was able to step out of my element and channel my alter ego — aka “Monroe.”

TSJ: What else do you get up to, apart from modeling?

IW: I’m a Fashion Major and a bit of a nerd, so around my school on the weekends they have amazing fashion tours. I love to go to those to get inspired and learn something new. After that I like to have a good glass of wine and enjoy the rest of the weekend with the gals.

TSJ: How do you like to flirt?

IW: By keeping the man on his toes — and the moment I leave the room he will be reminiscing about me…

TSJ: What’s your favorite day of the year?

IW: My birthday, because the whole day is catered to me!

TSJ: Tell us something interesting about your girlfriends?

IW: All the things that are interesting are dirty little secrets and code number one is girlfriends never tell!

TSJ: Any interesting Playboy story?

IW: Maybe not interesting but funny, when I was six years old, I found my brother’s Playboy magazine. My family had a family gathering and I use to put on shows for them. I came running down the stairs playing Janet Jackson with pearls and bright pink lipstick, butt naked dancing with my mother’s high heels on. My mother was so embarrassed and I told her I was the girl from the magazine underneath my brother’s bed.

TSJ: That’s hilarious! What a great story! So what kind of modeling would you like to do in the future?

IW: Modeling that will empower young women.

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