She’s Pretty: Bridgett Ramsey Was a Farm Girl

She's Pretty: Bridgett Ramsey's Crop = Melons

Meet this week’s She’s Pretty star, Bridgett Ramsey. This girl used to grow MELONS, yo.

The Smoking Jacket: Where are you from?

Bridgett Ramsey: I grew up on a farm in Maryland, about an hour and a half south of Baltimore. Our main crops were melons — cantaloupes still give me nightmares!

TSJ: How long have you been modeling?

BR: I started modeling as a teenager, by participating in pageants, and then I graduated to bikini contests and Hooters calendars… it’s been interesting!

TSJ: What has been your favorite shoot so far?

BR: My favorite shoot so far has been working with a girlfriend of mine here in LA, modeling her clothing line and posing with some old muscle cars.

TSJ: What did you do last weekend?

BR: Last weekend my man friend and I went to a delicious seafood place in Malibu called the Reel Inn. I also spent some quality time with my chihuahua, Lala.

TSJ: What do you hope to accomplish over your modeling career?

BR: Modeling has always been just a hobby of mine, Id love to do some horror/gore type of stuff.

TSJ: Any interesting Playboy-related story?

BR: I’ve been to the Playboy mansion many times, the last time I was there I got chased by some peacocks!

TSJ: Where can people find you online?

BR: I am on a few online catalogues but unfortunately I cant release the names.


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