She’s Pretty: Abigail Ratchford Can’t Fit into Her Yellow Bikini

TSJ met Abigail Ratchford online, and we just clicked, you know? Here she is, modeling in swimwear that one could barely imagine actually swimming in, because swimming is overrated. 

The Smoking Jacket: You model in all kinds of matching top and bottom underpants. What’s your fave color to wear?

Abigail Ratchford: My favorite color to wear is either gold/nude for the summer, or green, because it makes my eyes pop!

TSJ: Are you having a hard time finding the right support for your ample cleavage? Who makes the best bras for you and yours?

AR: I can’t always get the bathing suits I want because not everyone carries my size top. Victoria’s Secret is usually pretty consistent but every now and then they will have a bra or bikini that only goes to a D-cup and I can’t get, which kills me. I have tried to squeeze into the D-cup but I literally spill over the top and can’t breathe!

TSJ: Do you experience lower back pain? If so, what’s the best way to alleviate this discomfort?

AR: I only get lower back pain when I run, go on the eliptical or sleep on my sides. I have to always wear extra supportive sports bras that zip up with a zipper and dont allow for any shifting or bouncing when I run — Haha.

TSJ: What’s your craziest modeling experience?

AR: My craziest modeling experience was shooting in this big graffiti warehouse in Baltimore. The photographer had rented it out for a few hours before other people had to use it. A few kids my age came in early and were skateboarding all around me, lighting incense, and turning off all the lights except for black lights and glow sticks and jamming out to music. I think they were doing this to grab my attention because they were so over the top. Throughout all of this I was pretending not to notice just so we could wrap up our shoot even though I wanted to put on a bathrobe over my bikini and run away!!

TSJ: Where do you like to visit? 

AR: I love visiting New York City. Its just so diverse and magic  and I feel so inspired when I see the kind of hustle out there.


“I have tried to squeeze into the D-cup but I literally spill over the top and can’t breathe!” 

TSJ: Where do you like to live? 

AR: I’d like to live in France in a big chateau on a ton of land and no neighbors to bother me. I like my space and just doing my own thing.

TSJ: Snacking: We dig? We crave? Sweet? Or salty? 

AR: Snacks — my favorite are sweets, gummy bears, licorice, good and plentys. I CRAVE chocolate all the time but cant have it because it’s bad for my diet and skin. If I want a treat that’s not horribly bad, I will have a graham cracker with some cold, fat-free Cool Whip and strawberries on top. My all time favorite snack is by Chex Mix, and it’s like a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, cereal and pretzels all rolled in powdered sugar. It’s orgasmic.

TSJ: I see you’re wearing a yellow crochet bathing suit in one of your pics. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sporting that kind of knitted getup to the beach? 

AR: That yellow crochet bathing suit will probably never be worn again. It’s so fragile. If you adjust the bottom, the top exposes you, you cant sit down, it rides up when you walk, etc. It was difficult enough for the shoot, just posing in it, I cant imagine swimming in it ever!! The one advantage is that its so unbelievably sexy and is a total jaw dropper! If only it was wearable!