Rabid Fans Crash Sherlyn Chopra’s Spanking New Site

Sherlyn Chopra

Yesterday at 12:39 PM Eastern, Sherlyn Chopra (@SherlynChopra) sent out this tweet:


Then this one:


Then this one:


You get the idea. What’s with the numbers? She was counting down the launch of her official website, SherlynChopra.com.

Now, you have to take into account a) that Sherlyn is about to be nude in Playboy magazine and b) there are a LOT of people, about half of them men, in India. When Sherlyn hit “0″, her site went live, and promptly crashed due to the extreme demands on the servers by the Sherlyn Chopra League (see #TheSherlynChopraLeague).

Eventually the site did stabilize and as we’re typing this now it is fully functional. And it is loaded with goodies, not just pictures but promises of erotic videos and nude puzzles.

Friends, it is our professional opinion that Sherlyn Chopra is going to be HUGE. Learn the name, visit the site, and get used to having her sexy ass around, as it most surely will be for some time. Particularly if you live in India.