Shay Maria: The Gift We Keep Re-Gifting

Shay MariaHere in this post-Christmas, pre-New Year stretch we’re feeling like we ought to weigh in on something — the Year that Was, 2010. We had many quality Girlwatching moments over the last 12 months: Larissa Riquelme at the World Cup, Katy Perry wearing her Elmo t-shirt, Sarah Alize wearing rose petals, the general awesomeness of Jordan Carver.

A man becomes preeminent, he’s expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms, enthusiasms… What are ours? What draws our admiration? What is that which gives us joy?


No, that’s not it. (Baseball, truth be told, does not give us all that much joy.) What gives us joy, most of all, over and above any other girlwatching news, is this:

New Shay Maria pictures.

Really, of all the good things that can happen, nothing beats new Shay Maria. These aren’t brand new, but they may be new to you, which is just as good. Anyay they strike us as a fitting way to say goodbye to 2010. If you didn’t get all you wanted for Christmas, perhaps these will help you get over it.

Most of these came from Natalia Brutalia’s blog at, a few from photographer Willie T and a few more from Shay’s own Tumblr blog.