New Pictures of Shay Maria Kick Off ‘Shaycember’

Shay Maria

Shay Maria is back and bunkered for your pleasure. She stars in a new photo and video extravaganza called “The Bunker,” shot in a graffiti-drenched WWII bunker in Rustic Canyon.

This is thanks to Kaloopy, the brilliant photographer with a name like something you’d buy off an ice cream truck, who will be showering Shay Maria fans with so much sugary Shay goodness this week he might as well be Mr. Softee, Baskin, Robbins, and the Good Humor Man rolled into one.



Those are installments #1 and #2 in the Shay Maria odyssey that is unfolding this week at There will be three more like this, or better — we have reason to believe (from Kaloopy’s Twitter feed) there will be strawberries and more toplessness.

Here’s the irony: You can get it as a shirt, which itself is a protection against toplessness. Yes, the very same garment (below) preventing Shay’s toplessness (bummer) would enable your topfulness (thank goodness). The tee is available at

Shay Maria

What’s next? We’ll just have to see — keep an eye on and for more of this Shay-fest.

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