Four Videos of Shay Maria You Haven’t Seen

Shay Maria

If the question is “Would you like to see a video of Shay Maria?” the correct answer is always YES. Shay emerged as an internet sensation a couple of years ago, and though the who’s-that-girl hysteria died down long ago (because people know who she is, duh) she’s still doing sexy stuff — dancing in music videos, modeling for hip brands, and starring in photoshoots and clips by photographer Kaloopy that tend to get many many thousands of views. Well, here are a few we’ve found for you that are plenty sexy and Shay-riffic but haven’t been so widely seen.

First up is “Tony’s Tiger Mama,” directed by Kaloopy, part of his series “Nobody Moof,” about Tony Sosa, a deranged tough guy who may remind you of a certain Al Pacino character. In this clip Tony explains (without really explaining) how he was raised by tigers. Shay shows up halfway through in skimpy underwear and then very jigglingly shoots a machine gun. We just made up the word “jigglingly” but we feel it’s perfect.

Here, also from “Nobody Moof,” is “LV, the Best Looking Ball Buster in the World.” We are cheating a little bit here because this has had over 25,000 views, but it’s the most Shay-centric “Nobody Moof” webisode and anyway we’re not counting it as one of the four you haven’t seen. Think of this as a bonus.

And these three she made with designer/photographer D.Steezy.

“Shay Maria + D.Steezy 2011″

“Shay Maria x D.Steezy, Part 1 (2012)”

“Case Study,” for Bound By Ink magazine