Shay Maria: Droid of the Year 2012

Shay Maria x Jim MahfoodThree very cool people came together to bring you today’s post. The first and most important is Shay Maria — model, dancer, interent juggernaut — who is wearing the surprisingly sexy R2D2 one-piece that began appearing on hipster girls two years ago. As you would expect, Shay looks stupid hot in this outfit, and only moreso when she accents it with big clunky nerd glasses.

The second cool person is Jim Mahfood, comic book artist and provocateur, who did the Star Wars art you see in the background. (Psst! — Check the slightly naughty Pervert Train page at to see another collaboration between Jim and Shay.)

The third cool person who was involved with this is Cherie Roberts, Playboy model turned photographer, who shot the pictures for her cool new site We’re looking forward to bringing you more of Cherie’s work in 2013. Gotta love a hot babe who shoots hot pictures of hot babes.

(Actually while we’re at it, we’ll give you a link to a fourth person who helped make the sexy happen: Willie T of GoodTimes Media, who shot the video below.)

A word of warning: There is a Vulcan salute in one of these pictures. It’s intentional, so don’t get all into a nerd-snit over it as others have. Shay knows the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

(Remember how, four weeks ago, we declared this very month would be “Shaycember”? Yeah, neither do we.)

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