Shay Maria and Selina Lo Are Warrior Women

Shay MariaThe chaps at IGN Babeology went and did a very cool thing–to celebrate Scorpion King III: Battle for Redemption, which came out on DVD last week, they dressed up some sexy girls as warrior princesses. Now, a third Scorpion King movie may or may not be your cup of tea, but Shay Maria, Selina Lo, and the others here surely ought to be. Shay Maria because, well, she’s freaking Shay Maria, as we’ve said before if she blows her nose it’s news in our world. And then Selina Lo–she’s in Scorpion King 3, and she is the real deal. She can kick the crap out of you and chop you up with her big swords. No, really, she is a martial artist who specializes in swords and she does her own stunts. Here’s a video and some pictures, for more vids ‘n pics visit IGN Babeology.