Video Slam: Shay Maria, Rihanna, Kitty Lea, Nyomi Banxxx

Shay MariaShay Maria for IGN Babeology. Shay is always worth a look.

I’m gonna go ahead and double dip on the IGN Babeology, this is LeeAnna Vamp as Super Mario. Doesn’t really look like Super Mario though, could be the massive cleavage.

Esquire names Rihanna “Sexiest Woman Alive:”

Jennie Reid sure looks good in this video by IMF magazine. Who’s Jennie Reid? She’s the girl who made the hot video for IMF magazine. Wait, what’s IMF magazine?

IMF x Jennie Reid from IMFmag on Vimeo.

Girl boob trick. It’s a boob trick. No other way to describe it.

That’s A Nice Trick – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Armia Putina girls (you know, those girls who want to sex you into voting for Putin) baking a cake for their beloved Vladimir’s birthday. They’re wearing big white shirts and no pants. As you do.

DragonAge: Origins, Medieval Beauties. This is some kind of promotional video game video from two years ago. YouTube thought I would like it, and YouTube was right! Kitty Lea, Amii Grove — thank you, YouTube.

Porn Star Nyomi Banxxx wants to know, “Am I Your Motivation?” Well, she’s not not my motivation.