When is it OK to Like Shay Maria?

Shay MariaHey, we consider Girlwatching to be probably the most natural thing a man can do. We are biologically, evolutionarily wired to look, and to resist that urge is to fuck with Mother Nature.

Still there are some times when you just wonder — is this right? Part of me likes what I am seeing, yet another part of me hates me for liking it. Here’s an example: Shay Maria dancing in a tight shirt and bikini bottom. Cut and dried, right? It’s ok to like this, right? By the way she is barely 16 years old:

Hmm, 16 years old. Of course if you are 16 years old or thereabouts, there’s nothing wrong with it. But what if you’re, say, 32? If you are 32 then you are watching a girl who is a) half your age but more to the point b) could get you arrested if you were to do the things you are thinking about doing.

(How do we know she is 16 in the video? On Shay’s own Tumblr page she gives he date of birth as April 30, 1990. Thus she is 20 right now and knocking on the door of 21. The video above is was recently posted to a Shay fan channel but was originally posted on June 16, 2006, here: “danceedanceee”. Thus unless the YouTube date is wrong she was 16 by at best a couple months.)

But our verdict is that it is OK to watch this. Laws are artificial constructs based on societal mores and the laws we’re vaguely referencing here are mostly a good thing. But in olden times 16 was marrying if not childbearing age. If a 16-year-old girl wants, of her own free will, to post this online then Mother Nature says it’s OK to look.

What about this?:

No. Richard Marx makes it not OK to look. Even if you turn the sound off, there’s still just something wrong about it.

And then this — Shay Maria dancing (age unknown) in a Batgirl costume at some kind of geek show. (Don’t get us wrong, we like geek shows.):

This is a tricky one. Because our gut feeling is it’s not really cool to be one of the dozens of guys recording it on their camera phones. Shay is a professional dancer; she is practicing her art and yet we are pretty sure every dude there is just thinking “Please please pleeeease let a boobie pop out please…” And yet, if not for those guys we would not have this video here. Which in the course of writing this post we have watched six times and it keeps getting better. So we have to say that while we’d rather not be the guy recording it, we are thankful that that guy exists. It’s a creepy job, but somebody has to do it.

Here’s when it is unquestionably, irrefutably, unavoidably ok to like Shay Maria: When she does a photo shoot and puts on lacy underwear and teh sexyface for all the world to see. In fact, although we believe that every man is entitled to his taste and there is no right or wrong when it comes to what you like — if you don’t like this, there may be something wrong with you.

Shay Maria

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