Shay Maria: Ta-Tas are Heavy

Shay Maria has a new interview with curvy hipster lust object Shay Maria. There’s interesting stuff throughout (she shot a pilot for a Comedy Central?), but we’ll skip to the part where he asks her, ahem, how much she weighs. That one is usually on our “do not ask” list, but hell—he gets away with it, so more power to him…

SHABOOTY: How much do you weigh?
SHAY: 116 lbs.

SHABOOTY: Back problems?
SHAY: Oh yeah, boobs are heavy. Some of my older photos, I had some taken down, [because] oh my god, my boobs are just so ginormous, it doesn’t look right! I slimmed down so they went down a cup size, so now I’m the same but just a little smaller.

SHABOOTY: It’d be sacrilegious to get breast reduction surgery.
SHAY: I was going to cause I had to go therapy for my back and the doctor told me you know you’re overweight for your age—lose weight. I wasn’t fat, like 130, he’s telling me to lose weight. I took it to heart and I started to workout hardcore and they went down by themselves.

Images here are more or less from and Fuck Yeah Shay Maria.

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