Shay Maria Dances in a Bikini. Whoops, There Goes the Bikini

Shay Maria
Phew! That was a close one. It had been almost a month since we saw new, superhot pictures of Shay Maria, one of the longtime sweethearts of TSJ and, indeed, the whole Internets.

So when we saw an e-mail from our snappy friend Kaloopy with subject line “Shay Maria Dancing in Bikini” we were relieved. Relieved, excited, and a little delirious. In addition to being a model, Shay is a trained dancer who shakes it in music videos from time to time, we think. We’re not all that clear on how much she dances professionally because her modeling photos tend to do all the talking.

Modeling photos, and a few videos. Like this one here, of her dancing in a bikini. If you’re a fan of fancy dancin’ we must warn you this is not exactly Swan Lake. No: It is so, so, so much better than that.

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