Shay Maria Cannot Be Stopped (or, Shay Maria x DSteezy)

Shay Maria

When, in the grips of our ever-present Shay crush and a lapse of writing skill, we declared December “Shaycember” we did sincerely mean to bring you people a whole heap of Shay, but we weren’t necessarily looking in all the right places. The photos and video we brought to you by photographer Kaloopy are super hot, but that’s just part of the picture, so to speak — Shay is one busy woman.

When she’s not posing for Kaloopy she does a whole lot with DSteezy (the D is for Daniel), a photographer who shoots her for lookbooks, catalogs, and just because she’s hot and deserves to be captured on film doing everyday household tasks.

This is a bunch of DSteezy work, for brands like CBNC (that stands for Chubby Boobs which is all of a sudden our favorite brand name for clothing), Moose Limited and Only. Maybe not stuff that’s exactly crowding your wardrobe at the moment — but maybe it should be.

Look at the pictures.
Concentrate on the pictures.
Let the pictures into your soul.
Let the pictures of Shay Maria in all her glory tell you what to wear. Go, buy Moose Limited. Buy CBNC. Buy Only. And when your mook friends ask ya what’s with your “Nerd Crew” jacket, you say “This girl on the internet, she was so sexy and curvy and making-love-to-the-camera like, I had to buy it.”

The blonde in these pictures is Alysha Nett, by the way. She hot too.

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