Floyd Mayweather’s Lady Shantel Jackson is an Uncontested Knockout

Shantel JacksonDid Floyd Mayweather Jr. take out Victor Ortiz with a sucker punch on Saturday night? Some people think so — here’s a debate from ESPN.

But what about after the fight? What about after all Mayweather’s fights? When he stands there, spent and breathless in the ring, scanning the crowd, what special lady is he looking for?

Mayweather doesn’t say “Yo, Adrian!” He says “Yo, Shantel!” or perhaps “Yo, Miss Jackson!” as she likes to be called.

Shantel is Floyd’s fiancee, and what’s more, she made some dough by putting down a hundo on her fella knocking out Ortiz in the fourth round. Payout was $2,000.

And what’s more, she is super hot.