Meet the Sexy Weather Girls of Next Media Animation

weather girls

The name Next Media Animation might not instantly ring any bells with you, but you’ve certainly seen their work before. They’re the company responsible for all of those bizarre and hilarious Taiwan CGI news stories. They’ve covered everything from Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show exit to Brett Favre’s sexting drama to that recent story about oral sex being linked to oral cancer.

Like we said, you’ve definitely seen their work before. But you likely haven’t seen all of it. In addition to hilarious animated renderings of popular news stories, they also do something else. Every single day, they post a weather report featuring a rotating cast of sexy women.

Since we’ve posted a few of their hilarious CGI news reports here on TSJ in the past, we feel it’s only right that we introduce you to the lovely weather girls of Next Media Animation. You’re welcome.

Monday Weather Girl Hi Jon

Tuesday Weather Girl Esse

Wednesday Weather Girl Mimi

Thursday Weather Girl Lillian

Friday Weather Girl Mini

Saturday Weather Girl Umi

Sunday Weather Girl Kitty