The Shanna McLaughlin Pics You REALLY Want to See

Shanna McLaughlin

When it comes to beautiful babes, we’ve pretty much seen it all to the point where we sometimes forget that not everyone is so lucky. But we can’t believe that in 2010, people still get all up in arms about hot chicks posing for pictures where they allegedly don’t belong. Apparently the head football coach at the University of Central Florida is catching heat for allowing Miss July Shanna McLaughlin to be photographed in the team’s locker room. If she’d been a sports agent, no one would have said a thing.

It’s not like she was naked or anything. You know, like how she posed for us. We won’t show you those pics here, but you can see the handful of epic non-nude shots we have of Shanna below. If you want the full monty, you know where to go.

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