TwitPic Theater: Celebrity Apprentice Finale, Shark Dog, Rapture Edition

This week we’re back with another gallery of the sexiest tweets this side of anywhere. Think you can find a sexier tweet we missed? Let us know in the comments.


Playmate of the Year @ClaireSinclair_ looks downright adorable with the Queen of Burlesque.

@Kari_Nautique@Kari_Nautique shares a kiss with a friend. Sort of looks like the aim wasn’t quite right. Better try again.

@FrancescaFrigo@FrancescaFrigo shows off her pink bikini in an impromptu in store photoshoot.

body-scape-of-@teriharrison02.jpg" alt="body scape of @teriharrison02" width="600" height="450" />A beautiful body scape of @teriharrison02. Now twist your neck sideways and decipher the message.

@maryse0uellet@maryse0uellet and friend get photobombed something fierce by a bro sporting Bono shades.

HopeDworacyk-and-@NikiTaylorInc-backstage-at-celeb-apprentice-final.jpg" alt="@HopeDworacyk and @NikiTaylorInc " width="640" height="478" />@HopeDworaczyk and @NikiTaylorInc backstage at the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Insert “you’re fired” joke here.

MollyHootSnoot-is-a-card-shark-Game-night-@jaimeedmondson.jpg" alt="@MollyHootSnoot is a card shark! " width="600" height="450" />@JaimeEdmondson brought card shark (dog) @MollyHootSnoot to game night at the Mansion.

@jaimeedmondsonAfter her Uno hijinks, @jaimeedmondson headed to Chicago to shoot a music video.

@vicsilvstedt@vicsilvstedt on a sexy sunset photo shoot.

crystalharris-@annasophiab.-Charlie.jpg" alt="The rapture took @crystalharris & @annasophiab." width="480" height="359" />Who says the rapture didn’t happen? This tweet clearly shows that the rapture took place. @CrystalHarris and @AnnaSophiaB are gone!