TwitPic Theater: Sexy Easter Bunnies, Arianny Celeste’s Pool Party, Good Day LA Edition

A lot of folks spent the Easter holiday weekend enjoying the outdoors or visiting with family and friends. We spent it finding a whole bunch of sexy tweets. In a sense, it’s the TSJ version of an Easter egg hunt. These are the “eggs” we found and each one is awesome. Seriously, make it to the end and tell me in the comments if this isn’t the best Easter you’ve ever had. I promise a full refund. Enjoy!

lauracroft83-and-@JennaHoeg-angelporrino.jpeg" alt="" width="450" height="600" />

@lauracroft83 and @JennaHoeg @angelporrino celebrate Easter at Tao Beach in Las Vegas.

Hello_Janey-@crazyclacar-ashley-and-fina.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />360 degrees of frontwards and backwards with @AriannyCeleste, @AndromedaCosmos, @crazyclacar, @Hello_Janey and @erica_orozco. You’re welcome.

crystalharris-@hughhefner-getting-around-disney-world.jpg" alt="@annasophiab @crystalharris @hughhefner getting around disney world" width="640" height="478" />@AnnaSophiaB, @CrystalHarris, and @HughHefner storm Disney World on an army of scooters.

@deannabrooks @vitaminsbystacy @Jayde_Nicole celebrate Easter at the Mansion.@deannabrooks, @vitaminsbystacy, and @Jayde_Nicole celebrate Easter at the Mansion.

@Jayde_Nicole loves her some bunnies.@Jayde_Nicole loves her some bunnies.

@shannaMoakler sexy new sweater@ShannaMoakler got a sexy new sweater that could also double as an outfit for this year’s Burning Man.

Our @GDLA segment was a big success! @deannabrooks @KaraMonaco @IrinaVoronina @NeferteriS @Jaclyn_Swedberg @DeannaBrooks, @KaraMonaco, @IrinaVoronina, @NeferteriS, and @Jaclyn_Swedberg stopped by @GDLA and made the news a whole heck of a lot more interesting.

sheridynfisher-and-@donnakthompson-playing-the-Rambo-shooter-game.jpg" alt="@sheridynfisher and @donnakthompson " width="600" height="449" />@sheridynfisher and @donnakthompson make killing bad guys look so attractive. Even Sylvester Stallone can’t stop staring.

@sydneybarlette@SydneyBarlette is hot, hippy, and gonna be righteously pissed at whoever dropped her pink toothbrush in the soap. #bathroomfoul.

That’s all she wrote. See you next week! And remember to double check your toothbrush for soap before you mouth that sucker.