TwitPic Theater: Tasty Pics and Stuffed Gators

TwitPic Theater showcases the hottest pictures posted to Twitter by Playmates and Playboy models.  These girls continue to prove that anything, from planes to stuffed animals, can be sexy.

@sheridynfisher posted a picture of her going out dress. Hopefully by ‘going out’ she didn’t mean a fun-filled night in the bathroom.

Playboy model @ncilla is on a plane, literally ON a plane.

@sherabechard is a blue bunny.  “Blue” is not to be confused with sad in this case.  She is a happy-blue bunny living in the mansion.

@sydneybarlette posted some tasty photos on Instagram of herself.

Playboy model @sydneybarlette posted another tasty photo of herself. I know you are getting curious but please don’t lick your computer screen.

Playmate @jessicaburciaga is both hot in pink and in hot pink.

The #FriskyFriday winner of this week was @lovejamieO.  If you don’t know what #FriskyFriday is, maybe it’s time to get Twitter.

Guitar World, a perfect spot for Playmate @hiromioshima to display some underboob.

Playmate Miss October 2011 @amandacerny and her stuffed white worm are headed to Vegas.

Miss October 2011 @amandacerny tried to chain herself to her hotel room bed so she didn’t have to leave Vegas.

TwitPic theater brings you the hottest pictures from Twitter every week.  Did you see a sexier Twitpic then the top 10 photos above? Let me know – @kendrazager.

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