TwitPic Theater: Pillow Fight, Wine Tasting and Girl Pile Pics

TwitPic Theater gives you the sexiest pictures posted to Twitter by Playmates and Playboy models.  See the sexiest pictures tweeted this week.

@sheridynfisher gets all-up-in the camera to show off her smoldering eyes.

jessahinton-@ashleymattingly-at-the-mansion.jpg" alt="" width="477" height="640" />I spy: one playmate wearing too many clothes for a Playboy Mansion pool party.  Ready, go! @jaimeedmondson @leola_bell @jessahinton @ashleymattingly

@sheridynfisher backed away from the camera so we could see her sexy  lingerie for her photo shoot.

jessahinton-backs-it-up-as-@ashleymattingly-slips-into-the-pool.jpg" alt="" width="640" height="478" />@jessahinton back, back, backs it up as @ashleymattingly slips into the pool.

BTS-with-@brittanybinger.png" alt="" width="600" height="449" />The camera man was shooting the white wall and @brittanybinger got in the way.  Oh well.

amyleighandrews-and-@shannamclaughln-at-the-vinyard-2.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="448" />Playmates @amyleighandrews and @shannamclaughln getting a little tipsy at a wine tasting.

francescafrigo-reminiscing-about-a-pillow-fight-with-@laurenhwaugh.jpg" alt="" width="477" height="640" />@francescafrigo posted this picture, reminiscing about a pillow fight with @laurenhwaugh

Another Playmate missed her face.  @ashleymattingly snapped this shot before  she went surfing.

jessahinton-@tiffanytothxoxo.jpg" alt="" width="640" height="480" />A quadruple headed Playmate is a great idea.  In the sexy girl pile at the mansion – @jaclyn_swedberg @ashleymattingly @jessahinton @tiffanytothxoxo

Going up? @fuinha_albina took a sexy picture in an elevator for her #friskyfriday photo.

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