TwitPic Theater: In Bed, In Lingerie, and Eating Cake with Playmates

TwitPic Theater is your weekly peek into the sexiest Twitter feeds in existence.  Playboy Playmates post pictures of their nights’ out, Playboy Golf, of their beds, and of all those other sexy things they do on a regular basis.

@francescafrigo waits for room service.  Who wants to join her?

One of the luckiest guys we know @HughHefner

Playmate-takeover-Ashley-@summeraltice.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />Playmate are taking over this room, somewhere.  Posted by @SummerAltice (Second from Left)

MissMarch2009-and-@francescafrigo-put-things-in-their-mouth.jpg" alt="" width="478" height="640" />

@MissMarch2009 is (drinking) a tall glass of water and @francescafrigo is putting something in her mouth.

summeraltice-feeding-her-girl-crush-@jaimeedmondson.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="450" />@SummerAltice is feeding her girl crush @jaimeedmondson cake.

@FrancescaFrigo got bored in her room and decided to take a picture of her chair in the mirror.

@JessicaBurciaga and @AmyLeighAndrews at the Midsummer’s party.  We didn’t get the memo.

@JessaHinton and @Christalfuentes take a picture with their BFF, Tiki.

@JessaHinton was just being sexy on a Saturday.

@JessicaBurciaga shared a picture of her in bed, meaning behind-the-scenes.

Twitpic Theater will continue to week through all the Playmate and Playboy tweets to find the sexiest one’s for you to enjoy.  To stay updated on all things The Smoking Jacket, follow @ThisisTSJ on Twitter.