TwitPic Theater: Disneyland Fun, NBC’s Playboy Peakaboo, Sexy Cheeseburgers, Jealous Jail Edition

America, there are so many sexy tweets from last week that we can’t waste time with idle chatter. This is TwitPic Theater and these are the sexiest photos ever tweeted since the last time we brought you the sexiest photos ever tweeted. Seriously. At one point I went beyond speechlessness into languagelessness.

@KristinaShn1 If you’re a regular reader of TwitPic Theater you know that @KristinaShn1′s sexy workout shots from the Mansion gym are the stuff of legend. Love the composition of this photo. The wood floor. The mirror. The butt.


Apparently @ShannaMoakler is trying to teach her dog yoga and the dog just ain’t having it. Did you notice how I avoided making a downward-facing-dog joke?


Obviously concerned about sun exposure, the stunning @LindsayMarie brought her black veil to the beach.


What a view. @RealKDanielle reminds us all that there are bigger things to worry about than our fear of heights.

@HollyMadison@HollyMadison shared a sneak peek of her 2012 calendar, and despite my hatred of winter it’s got me longing for January again.

@rosieofthejones@Rosieofthejones and her sexy friends cook up some fun on the streets of London.

@SasckyaPorto@SasckyaPorto and friends surround THE LUCKIEST BURGER CHEF ON THE PLANET, and yet, I’m somehow more jealous of the cheeseburger in her hand. Such a lucky burger.

@AmberNicoleHay@AmberNicoleHay looks good being a bad girl.

@sheridynfisher@SheridynFisher brings a little elegance to the pages of TwitPic Theater this week.

@meganmedellinBetween @MeganMedellin and her sexy circuit breaker, there’s a lot to be turned on by.

@FightClubBunnyThis doesn’t even happen in our offices, but @FightClubBunny definitely needs to come make it happen. Our copiers deserve this kind of sexy attention.


@RockGirlKelly tweeted a picture behind the scenes on the pilot of NBC’s Playboy while trying on some classic bunny ears.

@PBkelleybrooke@PBKelleyBrooke gets ready for spring by working on her stroke. Tiger Woods will tell you the best thing about golf is the sexy women.

@IrinaVoronina@IrinaVoronina hit Lopez Tonight, bringing her brand of sexy to late night cable viewers. This is actually the first time ever that I think I’m sad that I missed Lopez Tonight, but I think I might watch from now on; just in case.

@FrancescaFrigoAy dios mio. @FrancescaFrigo es muy, muy caliente y atractivo. Como atractivo? Tan atractivo, no puedo hablar Inglés.

@AnnaSophiaB@AnnaSophiaB jumps for joy at Disneyland.

That’s it for TwitPic Theater. We hoped you learned something worthwhile today and that you make your way back again next week for another lesson from the sexiest teachers on Twitter.