TwitPic Theater: Horsemaning, Motorcycles and Butt Pictures

Check out the sexy pictures posted on Twitter by Playmates and Playboy models.  This week see Anna’s new favorite internet meme, behind-the-scenes pictures, and the sexiest Predator t-shirt ever.

@AnnaSophiaB tries out the horsemaning Internet meme at the mansion.

@PlaymateValerie behind the scenes in a Red vs. Blue photo shoot

@SheraBechard posted this picture of fun in the sun with @hughhefner and other girls that would make being in the sun fun.

@JessaHinton shows her love for a pixel assembled Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Headquarters in Chicago.

jessicaburciaga-and-@daphnejoy.jpg" alt="" width="478" height="720" />@jessicaburciaga posted this picture on Twitter of her and @daphnejoy at the World’s Most Beautiful party.  No butts about it, they belong there.

That’s one sexy picture.  Oh, and @junebunny06 is the girl on the motorcycle.

HiromiOshima-@TiffanySelby-in-our-denim-and-crop-tops.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="398" />@AlyWaite, @Shannon_James, Andrea, @HiromiOshima and @TiffanySelby are all wearing denim and crop tops for some reason we are totally supporting.

@sheridynfisher (left) is on the set of her photo shoot where she’s on the set of a photo shoot.

After photo shoots, @sheridynfisher lounges in her favorite Arnold shirt. “Get to the chopper!!!” She used the hashtag #supernerd to describe this picture.

@vicsilvstedt stuck her butt in the air while tanning to figure out which way the wind was blowing the boat.

@CrystalMcCahil went a little crazy when she heard TwitPic Theater only comes once a week.  The bikini girl behind her kept her composure.

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