TwitPic Theater: TSJ Anniversary Edition

In honor of The Smoking Jacket’s one year anniversary, this week’s Twitpic Theater is a look at the hottest picture (or pictures) from each week’s post from the past year. Remember when Heather Rae Young tweeted that picture of…well, let us remind you with a THREE-page post.

Let’s start from the birth of Twitpic Theater and then bring you up to speed…

The first TwitPic Theater contained this sexy pic of @Jenniferwalcott


@heatherraeyoung’s night started off innocently enough……but then everyone started getting a little grabby.

@heatherchadwell @lauracroft83

@heatherchadwell and @lauracroft83 followed @heatherraeyoung‘s lead and let hands, legs and bodies go every which way. No complaints here.

@vicsilvstedt letting her flag blow in the wind. the lonely island would be proud

@vicsilvstedt letting her flag fly on a boat this weekend.


@jamieedmondson shared a bunch of photos from her NFL-themed photo shoot in real time in a smoking live series of TwitPics.

@vh1feisty@vh1feisty shows off her spread in the 2011 Hooters Calendar

@KristenLynnXo@KristenLynnXo and way too many sexy friends ready for a night on the town. This shot wins the award for “TwitPic I’m Most Likely to Photoshop Myself Into So My Mom Thinks I’m A Success” this week.


Playmate or the Year 2011 and pin-up model @clairesinclair_ lets us into her world, which apparently includes a working, wooden iPhone.

@francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung @ashleyhobbs21The Grotto.  Playmates @MissDec2010 @francescafrigo @Amyleighandrews @heatherraeyoung went for a dip in it.

@amyleighandrews@amyleighandrews posted a few pictures of herself as Dr. Girlfriend. We like the seductive vibe here. From Dr. Girlfriend TwitPic Edition.

@sheridynfisher @laurenwaughHappy Halloween! @laurenwaugh @sheridynfisher were apparently in ancient Rome for the holiday. Oh,to be that stone lion.

@francescafrigo@francescafrigo shows off her sexy fall attire.

@SydneyBarlette shared this iPhone shot from the set of her Tomb Raider-themed photoshoot as Lara Croft. Angelina Jolie, who?


Happy Thanksgiving 2010!  @laurenhwaugh looking more like @laurenWOW on the set of a photo shoot they forgot to invite us to.

Sexy Playboy PartiesPlaymates @MissKassieLyn, @KyraMilanHipp, @SheraBechard, @Shannam710, @jaimeedmondson, @amyleighandrews and @heatherraeyoung.