TwitPic Theater: Bad Teacher Edition

We’ve been coming through with all sorts of articles and stories this week in anticipation of the sure to be hilarious Bad Teacher, which hits theaters this Friday. But we think you’ll appreciate this nod to the Cameron Diaz comedy more than anything else we’ve done so far.

Why? Because we asked a bunch of Playmates for their very best “Bad Teacher” Twitpics. The results, as you will surely see, were as sexy as we expected and then some.

@MissKassieLyn, our resident Tuesday Trivia Teacher transforms into a very, VERY Bad Teacher.

Do you have chemistry with @KaraMonaco?

Mei-Ling Lam Bad TeacherShhh! Don’t make @meilinglam put you in detention.

Olivia Paige Bad TeacherWhat’s on @OliviaPaige00′s agenda for class? Physical activity!

Pull out your #2 pencils students, it’s test time with @Jaclyn_Swedberg

Don’t let @Amyleighandrews‘s smile fool you, she’s a Bad Teacher!

@SheraBechard wants your full attention. Does she have it?

This content was sponsored by Bad Teacher. To see more teachers being bad (and sexy) check out Bad Teacher, in theaters this Friday, June 24.