Sexy 101: The Women of The Roommate


An innocent victim paired up with a psychopathic house mate is hardly a new premise when it comes to Hollywood films. And judging from the trailers and commercials we’ve seen so far, that’s exactly what’s going down in The Roommate, which opens nationwide today.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves oddly compelled to sneak out of work early today and hit the theater to check it out. Is it because there have been rumors about a surprisingly strong script? Is there a big name director at the helm? Do we have a movie theater gift card that we never got around to using that expires next week?

Nope, it’s none of that. It’s the cast. Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester in the same movie would be enough to get us to shell out ten bucks to see even the sappiest of chick flicks. But The Roommate goes the extra mile by including former Disney princess turned CW Hellcat Aly Michalka and former One Tree Hill hottie Danneel Harris in the ridiculously sexy mix.

To celebrate this epic achievement in Hollywood casting, we scoured the internet to find the 101 sexiest pictures of the lovely ladies of The Roommate. And now we’re sharing the fruits of our valiant effort with you! Enjoy it, you lucky bastards.