Wednesday Wasabi: Porn Stars in Cowboy Hats. America, F*** Yeah!

Rina HasegawaWith the big 4th of July coming up, and having our fetish for jewels of the Far East, we thought it would be good to get Japanese girls wearing sexy American flag-themed outfits. We found a few, but not many. Take it away, Harumi Nemoto:

Harumi Nemoto
Harumi Nemoto

Not bad, but not enough. Then we realized — you know what American fashion accessory Japanese girls like better than American flags? Cowboy hats!

Japanese girls loooove cowboy hats. And cowboy hats look kinda sexier and definitely sillier than any American flag bikini would. This has something to do with the hats being made out of vinyl or denim or some other totally inauthentic material, and the girls looking very un-cowgirlish in their bikinis.

So here you go… Happy 135th birthday, America, enjoy these Japanese porn stars (well, they’re mostly porn stars) in cowboy hats.