A Tribute to Hard Working Hooters Girls to Celebrate Labor Day

hooters mainToday is Labor Day. Hopefully that means you’re spending the day doing not much of anything at all. We certainly won’t be breaking our backs on the work front today, in fact, we wrote this intro like three weeks ago. There’s not a single TSJ staffer who isn’t drunk or in jail at this very moment.

But not everybody has it so stress free. Huge swaths of the U.S. population will be stuck at work today. Among those unfortunate souls are the beloved subset of sexy known as the Hooters Girl.

We imagine running a Hooters isn’t easy. It would take finding enough sex appeal and service industry expertise in just the right proportion to keep things afloat. Sometimes in real life things lean a little harder towards the service industry stuff, but who are we to complain? Scantily clad young women bringing beer and hot wings should never be scoffed at. Never.

That’s why we’re saluting the hard working women of Hooters today. Be it bringing food, taking pictures with adoring customers’ gigantic trucks or just making sure those orange shorts don’t turn into a camel-toe catastrophe; the Hooters Girl works harder than most people would ever believe. But it’s still probably good work if you can get it.

Here are 40 hard working Hooters girls to celebrate Labor Day…