Wednesday Wasabi: Singing Lesbian Schoolgirls Sell Candy


Hold on. Let us explain. As best we can.

In Japan, there is an all-girl pop group called AKB48. AKB48 is hugely popular having sold over 11 million records; on top of that, it’s not really one group, but four, each one (Team A, Team K, Team B, Team 4) consisting of 16 members. Members come and go, and … ahh, crap, if you really want to know, Wikipedia it.

And of course, they perform in schoolgirl outfits. We are shocked, shocked. Here is a commercial some AKB48-ers recently made, for Puccho candy, that caught some flak:

Jeez, what’s so scandalous about that?

So the commercial aired for about ten days and was then pulled due to complaints. Interestingly, the complaints seem to have been more about the display of bad oral hygiene than the blatant lesbian indoctrination.

These AKB48 girls are ridiculously famous and they’ve been photographed and filmed dozens of times over. Here is a selection of nice pictures we found in our research.