Sexy 101: The Newly Single Ladies of 2010

Scarlett JohanssonThe end of the year is fast approaching, and that means every website on earth will be cranking out a seemingly endless array of year end recap lists. Because the internet thrives on hate, a lot of those lists will be overwhelmingly negative. The-10-worst-this and the-15-most-awful-that, you know the drill. Who knows, we might even sneak one in ourselves. But for right now, we’re keeping it positive.

Take the title of this gallery, for example. We could just as easily have called it “The Year in Sexy Celebrity Divorces” or something. But damn, man, it’s Christmas. Why focus on that unpleasantness when we can point out something far more wonderful? Namely, how about we celebrate the fact that, in 2010, a bunch of insanely gorgeous ladies went back on the market?

Why spend your morning thinking about divorce when you could spend it pondering the scientifically verifiable fact that, no matter how slim it may be, you now totally have a shot at landing Scarlett Johansson, Cheryl Cole, Shania Twain, Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria or Elin Nordegren? Hell, maybe you’ll get with all of them in 2011! Go ahead, put it on that New Year’s Resolutions list you ignore every February – December. What could it hurt?

To celebrate your newly improved romantic prospects, we put together this gallery of 101 of the sexiest pictures of the newly single women of 2011. If you can see it, you can dream it, brother. Go forth and conquer in the new year!