Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

Lingerie Bowl: Less Sexy, More Like a Real Sport

After watching this promotional video for Lingerie Bowl IX we’ve come to the conclusion that the LFL is beginning to look a whole lot more like a real sport and a lot less like an excuse to watch women parade around a football field in their underwear. Okay, we’re not fooling anyone. It’s still a bunch of hot, fit women running around in their underpants. What’s not to love about that?


How to Vacation With a Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Model

Wouldn’t we all love to frolic with a Victoria’s Secret model on a beach in the tropics? Sadly, that pleasure is reserved for a limited few. But thankfully, we have commercials. Or, more specifically, Victoria’s Secret commercials in which gorgeous models frolic on a beach in the tropics for us all to virtually enjoy.

So grab some popcorn… or whatever you need to enjoy this minute and a half of blissful beauty… and give the video a watch.


What’s Wrong With Using Hot Models In a Fitness Club Campaign?

One one hand, it would seem logical to use models in a campaign for a fitness club. After all, it’s just a very common aspirational approach to advertising. But a recent campaign for high end gym Equinox seems to have backfired.

Shot by Terry Richardson (his second video for the brand) the campaign shows male and female models looking all glamorous and chic, pushing vintage cars and making out. It’s more like a campaign for a fashion brand than a health club.

There were some complaints. But in the working it vs. working out scheme, you can get the idea. Or salivate.


Where Did the Beer Babes Go?

An oldie but goodie: YouTube starlet Jill Hanner wonders what ever happened to all those beer ads that featured barely dressed hot women bouncing and bulging out of their tiny little bikini tops. It’s a good question. Where have the Coors Twins gone? The Miller Lite Catfight girls? The St. Pauli Girl? Oh wait, she’s still around.

But, seriously, it’s like brewers collectively pulled out and took a vow of abstinence or something. When was the last time beers and babes were in the same frame? Maybe it’s a good thing since studies keep saying sex doesn’t sell. Um.

Steve Hall publishes Adrants, a site that writes about marketing, advertising and the use of sex as a selling point.

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