It’s September! Carrino. It’s September Carrino

September Carrino

It’s September, and September is here. September Carrino, that is, the Playboy model who’s named after the month. June? Sure, like June Cleaver. January? Well, there is January Jones. April? There are plenty of Aprils.

But September? There is only one September. Here’s what she says on her website,

“I wasn’t terribly popular in school because, for some reason, the other kids thought it was incredibly funny to tease me because my name was September. I guess it’s because it was such an unusual name and kids always seem to poke fun at stuff like that, so I always got a lot of crap for my name, pretty much all through school.”

Crap for the name September? Kids can be so mean. We would never give a girl crap for her name. You hear that, September? Your name is kind of weird and that is just fine with us.