Sexy 101: The Women of Science Fiction

Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy

Movie sequels are tricky business. So when the news broke that a sequel to the Disney sci-fi classic Tron was in the works almost 30 years after the original rocked our young minds, we were understandably skeptical.

But when we heard that Jeff Bridges, fresh off a well deserved Oscar victory, was returning for a second round of evil computer battling goodness our expectations shot way up. Add to that the fact that the completely stunning Olivia Wilde signed on as well and it was a foregone conclusion that we’d be putting ass to movie theater seat on opening day.

To celebrate the release of Tron Legacy, which opens nationwide today, we put together this gallery of 101 sexy pictures of the women of science fiction; from Jane Fonda in Barbarella to Zoe Saldana in Star Trek and all the lovely ladies in between. By joining the ranks of the sexy women of sci-fi, Olivia Wilde is now part of an esteemed group indeed.

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