Wednesday Wasabi: Sayuki Matsumoto Is a Cowgirl

We gotta be honest, sometimes this gig isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This business of watching the girls and then writing the words… sometimes it starts to feel like work.

It was one of those days. We knew we had to bring you the lovely and talented Sayuki Matsumoto, but we weren’t feeling it. And Sayuki could tell.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Eh, you know,” we said. “Just kind of, not in the mood today.”

“Not in the mood?” she said.

“Yeah, just not really in the mood.”

“So you’re saying you’re not in the moooood?” Sayuki was talking funny. Was she… giggling?

“Sayuki, why are you–?” but she was gone, slipped out. Moments later the door burst open and this is what we saw:

Sayuki Matsumoto


she said.

Sayuki Matsumoto

Aw, Sayuki, you’re the best. A guy’s feeling a little down in the dumps, how many hot Japanese models are going to dress up like a cow to cheer him up? Just you, that’s how many.

Just you… and Yuuri Morishita. Just the two of you. That we know of.

If we discover a third Japanese model in a sexy cow costume, we will post her here with all due haste. In the meantime, here is Sayuki in cow and non-cow form: