Say a Christmas Prayer for Taylor Stevens

Tay Stevens Main

Don’t take the title of this post the wrong way—we’re not big on praying and whether you pray or not is none of our business. We don’t really mean for you to kneel before a deity and beg for anything. Just pause and think some good thoughts about this girl if you can. Send her your best holiday vibes.

See, Taylor Stevens is a nude model. She used to be a really big nude model—not as in famous, as in big. Obese. She was what fans call a BBW—a big beautiful woman—but what many of us would simply call fat. Hey, whatever floats your boat, but it’s a niche appeal.

Taylor realized one day that she was on her way to weighing 300 pounds, and moreover that she was not very healthy, and decided to do something about it. She shed 170 pounds and now, in phase two of her career, she is quite trim in the waist. And not trim in other places. It’s simply a more mainstream look (again, no offense to the chubby-chasers out there) and with an entertaining blog and sexy pictures she has become quite popular.

Yesterday she delivered some unfortunate news on her blog at She has a large tumor between her lungs and heart. She went for a lung biopsy (very painful, and one of her lungs collapsed during the process) and she will get the results on Christmas eve.

Tay Stevens is a fun girl—always posting amusing stories on her blog and sending cute messages to her many fans via She loves her Maple Leafs, her Vikings, her Giants, her homeland of Canada and again—her fans. She has gotten a bad break. Think fondly of her—here are some pictures that might help: