Meet Sarah Alize

Sarah Alize

We have a really good feeling about Sarah Alize. This Vegas-born, Vegas-based knockout is currently drawing paychecks from trade shows and the nightclub Tao (where she is “the only blonde bathtub girl”), but national media is slowly getting hip. She’s been featured in the magazines MMA Sports, MMA Worldwide and Vegas Party Life; she’s done advertisements for 944, AutoMaxx and Knockout; and you might even catch a glimpse of her in such films as Oceans 13, Iron Man, Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock and Middle Men. When you’re a girl-next-door with a smile that lights up a room—who also happens to have the compact 34DD-24-34 figure of a Sin City vixen—opportunity tends to knock.

I think my best physical feature is: My legs. For 5’1″ these limbs look pretty darn good!

Men say my best physical feature is: If they were saying it to me face-to-face, it’s my eyes. But really, I know they think it’s my boobs.

My best trait is: Jumping into situations and going for it, taking things on just to say I did. Though I have yet to jump out of a plane or bungee jump. Eeek!

My worst habit is: Buying on iTunes. I go on for one song, next thing I know, I have a $50 iTunes bill. It’s even worse now with applications and iBooks!

I wish more men would: Know how to cook. I need lessons!

The key to my heart is: Making me laugh. They say food is usually the key to men’s hearts; humor is usually the key to ours.

Compliment me on: My outfits. Putting them together takes way too much time!

Pet name for my boobs: The girls, although I never went so far as to name each one. I would feel obligated to tell my mom that they were her grandkids.

What I love about my boobs: They are definitely attention-getters, and they are soft and make great pillows!

When it comes to my body, please do: Cuddle it!

When it comes to my body, please do not: Bite hard! Nothing is worse!

Most important rule or rules of bedroom etiquette: Know the difference between “oh,” “ow,” and “ew”—and know that “mmm” is always good!

The sexiest outfit I will wear in public: Sexy theme outfits—happy Halloween!

The sexiest thing I will wear in the bedroom: Oh la la—I have a big box full of fun lingerie for that.

A superficial thing I am attracted to: Dark hair, sexy eyes and a tall, fit body. Yummy.

My favorite trait in a man: Most girls will say humor, and I have to say it myself. A good laugh goes a long way.

A man will impress me if: He can two-step and line dance. I’m really just a country girl at heart!

A man will turn me on if: He is wearing a great cologne. Mmm!

A man will disappoint me if: He lies. Even though I’m here in a crazy city like Vegas, I require that a man have some basic values. Lying and deceiving are the worst things that a man can do.

The simplest thing you can do to make me happy is: Cuddle

I will not even give you a second look if: I just saw you adjust your “package.” I understand things need to be moved around on occasion but if you couldn’t manage to do it without me seeing—that’s just really gross. And creepy.

Something stupid men do or say when they first meet me: Grab my arm or clothes to get my attention. No es bueno!

I will sleep with you when: Kissing isn’t enough anymore!

I will never sleep with you if: You have ever hooked up with anyone I know.

Don’t you dare: Blow up my phone all day and night. Last thing I want to think is that you are a stalker.

The best date I ever had was: When a guy took me to the Pinball Hall of Fame. It has every pinball game you can imagine and you can play them all! It cost 20 bucks and we stayed nearly three hours. It was perfect!

I am the ideal woman because: When I’m in a relationship, there are few things that I won’t be willing to go above and beyond for, because I care and I want to do my part.

I am not the ideal woman because: I will probably hate your driving. Just sayin’.

I am the best in the world at: Lately, it seems to be breaking anything electronic. I really don’t want to be good at that one anymore! It’s getting ridiculous.

I need a man who can: See past my crazy world of modeling and glamour and find the nice, easy-going, generous, silly person that I am on the inside.

In my opinion, astrology: Can seem true when you read it, but then everyone else’s horoscope sounds like you too. You realize that all the advice is very generalized. But I do read it for fun!

If you come to my house, don’t criticize: Anything! I’m a clean freak and I even keep beer stocked in the fridge. And if you are lucky, I’ll make you a nice dinner of Easy Mac and popcorn.

The last movie that made me laugh: Dinner For Schmucks. So stupid, yet absolutely hilarious!

The last movie that made me cry: Toy Story 3. Seriously, it did.

My philosophy of love: It should be easy and simple, with no expectations and no crazy drawn-out romance. Love happens when you least expect it or when you’re not trying.Then one day you look at someone and your feelings for them go beyond anything you’ve felt before, and it makes you smile.

My philosophy of sex: Does there need to be a philosophy? I say if it feels good…

My philosophy of life: Go with the flow because nothing happens according to plan, as much as we would like it to. There will be amazing times, bad times and just plain simple times. But in the end, one moment will be the last we have. What we make out of the time we have defines our lives. How do you want yours to be defined?

I should be on the cover of Playboy because: It’s time for just a simple ol’ hot blonde, snowboarding, hiking, cuddling, dodgeballing, country dancing, silly, 5’1″ ass-kicker.

Get more Sarah at her official site,, and the Sarah Alize Facebook Fan Club.

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