Battle of the South African Bikini Babes, Sort Of

Ty DettmerHere’s a follow-up of sorts to our post on Kate Upton from a few days ago. There is another Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue you may not be familiar with — Sports Illustrated South Africa!

It’s pretty damn good — you should check out the 2010 edition at It doesn’t come out at the same time the US edition’s does — we suppose because they are on the wrong end of the world and their seasons are all fucked up like Australia’s. Cursory research suggests the 2011 Sports Illustrated South Africa Swimsuit Issue will be out in October.

As we were saying — Kate Upton was the US edition’s “Rookie of the Year.” The SA boys are doing it a little differently, holding a massive model search at

A girl contest! We love girl contests. This one has over 900 entrants and the first thing we will say is Damn, some good looking women in South Africa.

And yet despite the stiff competition, one girl in particular is running away with it: Sara Solomon, who is creeping up on 190,000 votes as the second-place girl approaches 130,000.

Sara is a dentist in Ontario, Canada. Which might be a problem, as the site clearly states that only South Africa residents are eligible. But we have no such rules — hotness is hotness, even if you’re a dentist in Canada. Sara is also a fitness model, which explains the chiseled abs.

There are lots of beautiful girls in the competition and we suggest browsing thoroughly, but we’d feel a bit douchey if we didn’t mention Ty Dettmer. No, not the Heisman-winning BYU quarterback — this Tyron “Ty” Dettmer is a model in the contest who sent us the link. Here, have a look: Ty Dettmer. She’s pretty hot too! With just 2086 votes, she’s not gonna win, but on the other hand she is actually South African. So if she did win, she would actually win.

Pictures below — the brunette is the one who’ll pump you full of laughing gas and give you a root canal. The Cougar who threw for 599 yards against San Diego State in 1991 is the blonde.