Sara Jean Underwood is a Rabbit Hole of Awesome

Sara Jean Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood was Playmate of the Year 2007 — that was forever ago. Have you caught her on Attack of the Show recently? She does an entertainment wrapup called The Feed and it looks like this:

Oooooops, how did that get in there?!? (And how is it merely the third most popular AOTS clip of all time?) What we meant to show was this, her most recent Feed segment:

But Sara is just a big rabbit hole of awesome right now — try to take a little peek and before you know it you’re falling deeper and deeper. As you may have heard, she won Esquire’s Hottest Woman of the Year contest as a 13-seed in the Television bracket, one of four (for those of you unfamiliar with brackets, that means that out of 64 competitors at least 48 were seeded higher than SJU). Here’s how the TV bracket looked:

Sara Jean Underwood

SJU went on to beat Kate Beckinsale in the semi-finals and then Kate Middleton in the finals. To celebrate her win, Esquire did one of their cool “Me in My Place” photo shoots (by Michael Edwards of — it’s a Tumblr, so you should follow it) — some of those pictures are below.

Then over the weekend, she took some bikini pictures by a pool in Vegas that went a bit viral, setting fire to some computers in the midwest, killing 8 people. Some of those pictures are below.

And she’s in the next issue of Men’s Fitness, which is the sex issue, being both sexy and fit in a non-manly way. Some of those pictures are below.