Sara Jean Underwood Out Wonder-Womans Adrianne Palicki

So we now have a picture of Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman outfit. Fox News was good enough to post a photo of her right next to an old shot of Lynda Carter. We have to say — superhero fail? How do you fuck up a Wonder Woman costume? Wonder Woman does not wear trousers! And rejigger that bustier, please, so that her boobs smoosh together more. One’s going east and the other’s going west! It is a bit silly what passes for “cleavage” these days.

We don’t know whether Adrianne has breast implants, but this costume sure gives that impression. (If her boobs are natural, she should be upset.) Implants aren’t a bad thing — God in His wisdom did not bless all women with bigguns, if a woman wants to buy a pair that’s her right — you just gotta use ‘em correctly. Here’s how it’s done — Sara Jean Underwood (who we know has implants) as Bustice. Note how they’re smooshed together:

Two more lady superhero images we like that we probably won’t have any reason to post otherwise. Enjoy:

Great Hera!