Whooty Wednesday: Sara Jay Balances Things on Hers

Sara JayA couple of weeks ago, I brought up the subject of “whooty” and used Stephy C as an example. I also mentioned Ice-T’s wife Coco.

I got a very polite note from Stephy saying that she didn’t have a problem with the word at all but wondered whether the definition might need to be fine-tuned a bit. Is “whooty” any shapely caucasian rump? Because Stephy has a shapely caucasian rump. Or should “whooty” really be used for an abnormally large caucasian rump? Because that’s what Coco has.

It’s up for debate. Maybe there’s room in the definition of “whooty” for both Stephy and Coco. Maybe not. Discuss.

Today though I’m bringing up another who is definitely whooty and is definitely on the Coco end of the spectrum. It’s porn star Sara Jay, who is probably the next-most-famous example of whooty behind Coco. Every Wednesday, she posts an episode of “Will It Balance?”, in which she tries to hold up a random object with her large ass. It is not the most rock-solid concept I’ve ever seen for a comedy series, but as a rule of thumb whenever a porn star makes a video that is not porn I will watch it. Here are three recent episodes.

A PlayStation 3: Will It Balance?

Justin Bieber: Will It Balance?

A large suitcase: Will It Balance?

And here’s some behind-the-scenes footage that you might even enjoy more than the episodes.

For more of this grab-ass and bumfoolery, visit Sara’s official YouTube channel, and follow all her other assorted asscapades at twitter.com/sarajayxxx.