Santa’s Hottest Little Helpers

Santa's Hottest Little Helpers

Jingle bells, jingle bells, girls dressed as Santa are hot. Girls love nothing more than dressing up in a skimpy, short and themed costume and Christmas is the perfect time to do so. Ladies bust out that latex suit, shove all that coal in their bras and remind Mr. Claus why he coined the term “ho-ho-ho.”

Smoking celebs also have indicated zero to no problems embracing the festive holiday cheer.

Here are some of the hottest Santa’s helpers we’ll never forget.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Santa's Hottest Little Helpers

Linds stole our hearts in “Mean Girls” and blew us away when she broke out in an a cappella version of “Jingle Bell Rock” but what we really remember is Linds showing off her curves in that XXS Santa outfit. Those four mean girls took their high school talent show to a level that all high school talent shows should be at; awkward, hot and jolly.

2. Katy Perry

Santa's Hottest Little Helpers

Never one to disappoint as far as themed outfits go, Katy may or may not have actually stolen this suit from Santa himself. This outfit would make any British bad boy swallow his tongue and come crawling back. We’re all wide awake now!

3. Mariah Carey

Santa's Hottest Little Helpers

I don’t think it’s possible to include the words celebrity and Santa in the same sentence without mentioning Mariah Carey. From the day after Thanksgiving until December 26, Mariah has the ability to turn any bar into a room full of wild, rabid and jolly women screaming “All I Want For Christmas Is You” within seconds. Mariah might as well give presents to Santa at this point in the game.


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