Tuesday Totty: Sammy Braddy’s Chest Only Gets Better

Sammy Braddy

totty \’tä-tee\ British : sexually attractive people, esp. female. “Quite a bit of totty in the pub tonight.”

There was some seriously earth-shattering Tuesday Totty news in the air over the weekend — some unreal photos of Kelly Brook were released by Esquire UK and, well, when we saw them our jaw hit the desk and stayed there for about five minutes. However, there is sad news in Kelly world, as it was revealed yesterday that she lost the baby she was carrying. So we’re not going to say “Hey guys, getta loada dis!” while she’s in a bad way. Our thoughts are with her. If you really must see the pictures, go to Egotastic’s Kelly Brook page. If you must. And we know you must.

Moving on — some interesting news from well-endowed Brit model Sammy Braddy over the weekend. She went and improved her chest! Check it out, she sent out this picture captioned “Before…”

Sammy Braddy's chest of drawers

And then this one, triumphantly captioned “…After!”

Sammy Braddy's chest of drawers

We have to say, we have never seen such improvement in a chest of drawers. It’s like night and day! We don’t know if Sammy did it herself, but if she did we have this to say: We wouldn’t mind it if she came to our place and worked a bit of that chest magic! You should see the state of our bedroom accessories, “uninspired and in need of TLC” is putting it mildly.

Oh, you maybe thought we were referring to her chest, like that part of her body that has earned her such acclaim as “Britain’s Best Boobs,” “Boobs of the Year,” “Britain’s Boobiest,” and “Best Boobs 2008″? (All of the previous from zootoday.com. Warning: Site contains boobs.)

Yes, well, that sort of Sammy-chest can’t be improved upon, nor would you want to try. Paint it up with a bunch of flowers and stick on some pictures of Marilyn Monroe? That would be stupid. Here are pictures: