Oh by Gosh by Golly, it’s Time for Latex and Stilettos with Saffron Taylor

Saffron TaylorWhat is it about festive fetish wear? Back in September, Susan Wayland got us pumped for Oktoberfest with with a wunderbar latex fraulein getup; now we’ve got Saffron Taylor jingling our bells with a poured-on latex Santa suit.

Really, there is nothing remotely sexy about Santa Claus, you just wouldn’t even want to imagine—oh god, why did I even bring that up? Out of my head, fat bearded naked man.

But put a Santa suit on a blonde British babe, replace the fuzzy fur (sorry, plushies) with super-shiny latex, jack the cleavage up to here and wedge the thong up to there, et voila — a sexy Santa-like Christmas person.

For more holiday cheer, you’ll want to follow Saffron at twitter.com/saffrontaylor and of course visit her latex and glamour site SaffronTaylor.com.

Have you been naughty or nice this year?
That depends, what some people consider to be naughty, I consider to be very nice;) Hopefully Santa will think I have been a good girl and not give me too much of a spanking;)

What do you want most for Christmas?
As you may know, I do have a “thing” for fetish heels, whether it be boots or sexy high-heeled shoes. So one way to put a big smile on my face is with a new and exciting pair of heels! Apart from my kinky side, I am also a bit of a computer geek, so electrical gifts (no not always the vibrating types!) go down well with me. Like a new ipad, laptop or 60″ widescreen TV—any of those would do nicely.

What is your favorite food at Christmas?
Although being a model means I have to keep an eye on my figure all year round, I do have a weakness for cakes and desserts! Christmas is once a year, so I say why not indulge in whatever you desire?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
Well, you know me… always first at using technology! Yep, all my gifts have been ordered online this year. I just love that! I no longer have to fight those crazy busy shopping malls at this time of year. Plus, I can comfortably go shopping whilst wearing my 9-inch stiletto heels.

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Any song I choose to sing in the shower on Christmas Morning, whilst soaping myself up to get ready for all the festivities.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation—always a classic for this time of year and very funny.

What is your best memory of Christmas?
Running around half naked in the snow at 2 AM, wearing nothing but my stilettos. Don’t ask, its a long story and involved lots of champagne!

What do you look forward to most at Christmas?
Christmas is a time when I actually stop from my hectic schedule and spend some quality time with my family and friends. One of my big highlights at Christmas is doing my annual Christmas photoshoot and video. This year was a great success, so I hope you are enjoying my new festive pics!

What are you doing for Christmas this year?
Apart from my recent Christmas photoshoot, I will be spending lots of time with my family, eating lots of self indulgent food and taking a well-earned rest!

Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
Hmm, now that would be telling. I’m afraid I can’t say—I have a feeling he may be reading this.

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?
Believe it or not, I don’t actually have a tree this year. My house is undergoing some exciting renovation work right now, so not the ideal environment for a big tree!

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Oh yes—here in England, the last three Christmases have been completely white! It is lovely, but I hate driving in the snow—scares the hell out of me. It’s perfect for latex photoshoots, though—I find that pure, white snow makes for the best reflection off my shiny latex clad butt.

Do you still get a stocking?
Not really—I think people feel I have way too many stockings as it is. Of course, they’re fishnet so they’re crap for holding sweets and walnuts.

How many Christmas cards do you normally send out?
I am terrible at remembering who to send cards to, so I do the usual trick of waiting until the last minute then replying to the ones I receive. I know, I’m lousy!

What is your Christmas wish?
For you all to have a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends, plus my special thoughts go out to those who are alone at this time of year. Nevermind, you can always keep yourself busy by visiting me at www.saffrontaylor.com.