Should You Watch ‘Best Ink’ Tonight? Sabina Kelley Says Yes

Sabina KelleyBest Ink, a new reality series that seeks “America’s Top Tattoo Artist,” premieres tonight on Oxygen. The show challenges ten ink-slingers to create and execute exceptional designs, and will appeal to tattoo fans for sure.

But what about you? Will you like Best Ink? Hell, we don’t really know, we don’t even know whether you own a television or comprehend English. But we do know this: You like to watch the girlies.

So we can say this: You will like Best Ink, or at least parts of it, because one of the judges is prominent tattooed badass MILF pinup Sabina Kelley. So she’ll be judging, she’ll be all “this tattoo is good” or “this tattoo sucks,” and you’ll just be thinking “this Sabina is really hot.”

Hey, there are much worse reasons to tune in to a show. Best Ink premieres tonight at 10/9 Central.